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At Landlord College We Teach the Fundamental Concepts, The Rules of the Road and the Essential Tools You Need to Become a Successful Professional Landlord

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Meet Professor Landlord

Meet Professor Landlord -- your primary instructor for Landlord College. Your Journey to becoming a successful landlord begins with a smart tour guide. Landlord College sums up three decades of Professor Landlord's learning both inside and outside of the courtrooom and delivers it in an easy-to-understand format.

The Big Picture

There are only two possible routes to take in your Journey to becoming a landlord. Either you take the wrong road filled with expensive mistakes. Or you set course on the right path towards success by learning the fundamental concepts, the essential legal knowledge and arming yourself with smart tools of the trade.

Online Classes

Landlord College is taught entirely online with a new semester each quarter.  We teach 3 core subjects  -- the psychology, the law and the business of managing rental properties.  Each core subject consists of 3 interactive webinars.  Professor Landlord is avaliable for questions both during and after each class.

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Free Sneak Peak

The Top 20 Landlord Mistakes is a free weinbar which will introduce you to Professor Landlord and her teaching style.  You will learn the top 20 typical mistakes made by landlords and how to avoid them. She will also provide an overview of what Landlord College has to offer landlords -- both newbies and veterans alike.

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The Top 20 Mistakes Made by Landlords