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Meet Professor Landlord

Meet Landlord Tenant Attorney Leslie A. Margolies, also known on Instagram as Professor Landlord.  Your journey to becoming a successful landlord begins with a smart tour guide.  And for landlords and property managers, that smart tour guide is Professor Landlord. She sums up three decades of learning from both inside and outside of the courtroom and delivers it in an easy-to-understand format.  She is committed to the success of her students and will be an invaluable resource to your business for many years to come.  Schedule a free one-on-one consultation with Professor Landlord today.

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The Big Picture

There are only two possible routes to take in your journey to becoming a landlord.  Either you take the tough and tortuous road...or the smart and painless one...the choice is all yours. The tough road is torturous because it is filled with headaches and expensive mistakes. These landlords start out by "winging it"...borrowing scraps of information and questionable forms from here and there...shooting themselves in the foot more often than not...and ending up in landlord-tenant court much more often than necessary. Unfortunately, they do not understand where they went wrong and so they are destined to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.  Even mid-size and larger property management companies are plagued with tenant issues that their staff employees do not know how to resolve.   The dockets of district courts and municipal courts across our country are filled with their cases and create a burden on the court system.  The smarter path for any business owner is to first learn the fundamental concepts, the rules of the road, and the tools of the trade.  The smart path for all landlords and property managers starts at Landlord College.

Live Online Workshops, Boot Camps and Master Classes

Landlord College offers 2-hour workshops and 1-day boot camps for any organization with 20 or more attendees.  The 2-hour workshops are FREE and the 1-day boot camps are offered for a reasonable speaker fee.  The workshops and boot camps may be conducted either online or in person.  Professor Landlord conducts workshops and boot camps for real estate brokerage firms, property management companies, real estate investor meet-up groups, as well as local governmental agencies.  The 3-Day Master Class is conducted over a long weekend  - from Friday to Sunday, from 9 am until 4 pm.  All boot camps and master classes are taught online in a lively and interactive format and end with a one-hour question-and-answer period.

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