Course Curriculum

Landlord College is taught entirely online with a new semester each quarter.  We cover 3 core subjects -- the psychology, the law and the business of managing rental properties.  There are 9 interactive webinars on each core subject. Professor Landlord is avaliable for questions both during and after each class.  Since we operate on a quarterly basis, a new semester starts each September, December, March and June.  Seats are limited so enroll below to get started.  If you have questions, please do not hestiate to contact us.  We are here to help you.

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Landlording 101

You will learn the subtle psychological factors of being a professional landlord such as establishing the right mindset, setting proper boundaries and the dynamics of managing the landlord-tenant relationship.  As a bonus, we teach our simple 4-step method of resolving tenant issues and complaints.  These three courses are an essential foundation to set you on the right path towards becoming a landlord bound for success.

Landlording 102

You will learn the rules of the road  (currently only available for PA) to protect your interests and stay out of court.  This covers not only the applicable laws you need to understand, but we also include the necessary legal documents you will need.  As a bonus, we teach our personal tips & tricks to avoid landlord-tenant court.  These three courses are essential to learn how to protect both your personal and business assets.

Landlording 103

We create your road map for success by providing the necessary policies and procedures, as well as critical tools of the trade to eliminate headaches and streamline your business -- fair housing policy, thorough rental application process,  a customized lease agreement (currently PA only), an automated rent collection process,  a routine maintenance and inspection process....and more.

Invest in Your Business

Join us and begin your journey towards becoming a professional landlord.

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