Total Course Tuition $1,250

We have designed Landlord College to be not only affordable and a great value - it will also save you a substantial amount of money over the long term. Why? By learning the 3 core subject areas covered in Landlord College, you will avoid the very costly mistakes made by other landlords. If you are a veteran landlord, you are probably making such mistakes without even realizing it.  But not to worry --we can help you turn the ship around and get you back on track towards success.

Each core subject consists of 3 individual webinars which we guarantee will help you minimize vacancies and legal problems, while maintaining property values and maximizing profits.  Our simple 4-step method to resolve tenant issues alone is worth its weight in gold.  Both the customized policies and procedure and lease agreement are valued at $575 each.  Plus, the tips and tricks to amicably resolve a dispute and create an enforceable resolution agreement will save you thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Landlording 101

In Landlording 101, you will learn about the psychology of being a professional landlord including establishing the right mind set, setting proper boundaries and professionally managing the landlord-tenant relationship.  As a bonus, we teach our simple 4-step method of resolving tenant issues and complaints.  These three courses are an essential foundation to set you on the right path towards becoming a successful landlord.

Landlording 102

In Landlording 102, you will learn the rules of the road  (currently only available for PA) to protect your interests and stay out of court.  This covers not only the laws you need to understand, but we also include necessary legal documents.  As a bonus, we teach our personal tips & tricks to avoid landlord-tenant court.  These three courses are an essential foundation to learn how to protect both your assets and your net rental income.

Landlording 103

IIn Landlording 103, we create your road map for success by providing the necessary policies and procedures, as well as critical tools of the trade to eliminate headaches and streamline your business -- fair housing policy, thorough rental application process,  a customized lease agreement (currently PA only), an automated rent collection process,  a routine maintenance and inspection process....and more.

Discounts & Promotions

Landlord College is currently running a promotion which will be offered at the end of our free webinar -- "The Top 20 Landlord Mistakes" --stay tuned for other promotional discounts which may be offered in the future.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are ready to soak up some knowledge... Professor Landlord will teach you all the tips and tricks she has learned in over 30 years both inside and outside the set you on the RIGHT PATH towards becoming a successful professional landlord. NO more problem tenants. NO more expensive property damage. NO more unnecessary vacancies. NO more long drawn out court appeals with excessive legal fees and court costs. We challenge you to take the wheel and CHANGE YOUR PATH.

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