3-Day Master Class Regularly Only $1,495 - February 17, 18 and 19, 2023

(50% Off Early Bird Special Until January 15, 2023)

We have designed the 3-Day Master Class to be not only valuable in terms of its insight, but also a great value for your money. The pearls of wisdom and golden nuggets of practical advice Professor Landlord has to share are priceless. Imagine the savings in legal fees because you will not make the mistake of immediatelly filing eviction complaints and security deposit disputes... the cash flow you will save because you will not endure multiple vacancies...the property damages you will not suffer because your tenants will not be filled with rage nor keen on revenge...if you calculate those savings over the lifetime of your business, then the value of Landlord College is simply immeasurable. It is an investment in your business and the return on that investment will be HUGE. By learning everything you need to know to become a professional landlord NOW, you will avoid the very costly mistakes made by other struggling landlords. If you are a veteran landlord, you are probably making costly mistakes without even realizing it.  But not to worry --we can help you turn the ship around and get you back on track towards success.

Free Lifetime Live Tour (Valued at $2,999)

If you want to ensure your success for many years to come and count on Professor Landlord as your personal mentor, then consider enrolling in "The Live Tour". In addition to the 3-Day Master Class, you will also be included among an elite group of alumni who will have access to additional perks. The Live Tour is your ongoing relationship with Professor Landlord after the 3-Day Master Class has ended and throughout your journey as a landlord. The perks include a monthly Live Symposium where alumni may log onto a private zoom meeting together with Professor Landlord for guidance on current issues and challenges. As a "Live Tour" alumni you will also have lifetime access to our Members Only Facebook page where knowledgeable members who have implemented Professor Landlord's management system share their experiences and triumphs. Unlike other local real estate investor groups where a lot of "misinformation" is disseminated, you will have access to a private forum where Professor Landlord will share informative case studies, answer interesting and challenging questions and provide useful resources to further your education on more advanced topics. The Members Only Facebook Group is a great opportunity to network with other successful professionals in the field who are committed to the life-long process of learning, growing and scaling their business.

zSHEbfSAQL2HGdXg16Zw Asian Student.jfif CurriculumEnroll Now for the Early Bird Price

Landlord College is currently running an early bird special promotion.  If you enroll in the 3-Day Master Class before January 15, 2023, you will receive a 50% discount off the tuition.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are ready to soak up some knowledge... Professor Landlord will teach you all the tips and tricks she has learned in over 30 years both inside and outside the courtroom...to set you on the RIGHT PATH towards becoming a successful professional landlord. NO more problem tenants. NO more expensive property damage. NO more unnecessary vacancies. NO more long drawn out court appeals with excessive legal fees and court costs. We challenge you to take the wheel and CHANGE YOUR PATH.